The 3 Buckets Of Finance

1. Just Starting Up

When you’re launching, all you care about is getting your business up and running. Accounting and finance can feel like a necessary evil. You just want someone to handle the bookkeeping, taxes, and compliance. It feels like you’re forced to hire someone just to deal with the authorities.

2. Scaling The Business

You’ve made it to the million-dollar club! Now you’re facing a new challenge: investors. They keep chasing you or numbers and reports, and you feel like you can’t catch a break. You’re already spending money for the tax guy, and now you must pay for the extra effort on those reports. Nevertheless, you need to close that next funding round on time, so you got to do what’s needed to push out the numbers.

3. Navigating Complexity

You’re nearing that $2.5 million mark in revenue, and suddenly, it feels like you’re drowning in complexity. You’ve hired more people than you can keep track of, and now it’s time to learn the art of delegation. You need numbers and metrics. You need to measure and manage. Hiring someone who can crunch those numbers and help you navigate through the layers of complexity feels like money well spent.

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